We are a company that takes care of our clients as much as we take care of our dogs and puppies. We are more than grateful to all our clients, and the opportunity to make success at this business. We love what we do, and it shows. People who come to us for a puppy will find what they are looking for, being that we have a multitude of dog breeds which you can choose from. We are also glad to help you find the puppy you desire, even if we do not have it in our store. You can contact our employees for more details. We are also tremendously proud of all the dogs that walked out of our store and became champions! Many of our clients have taken their dogs to shows, and they always achieve remarkable results!

Kelly Berry

The author of the website and the owner of Pedigree Pet Shop. Passionate dog lover, animal activist, and pacifist. Loves to spend time in nature with her family and dogs. Committed to finding the right puppy for each buyer.